Bacon Pancakes

I found this recipe online and decided to make it.. inspired in an episode from Adventure Time! If you would like to check out the very addictive song you can watch it here. Pancakes are fairly easy to make and doesn’t take very much time. I really enjoyed this recipe and tasted quite good, It did however tasted a little oilier than expected so might be a good idea to use a little less butter and/or make sure you trim or use less fatty bacon. Either way i definitely recommend it!

*A tip if you have a small pan and unable to cook multiple pancakes at a time, heat up your oven to 150F and you can put your pancakes inside to keep them warm until the rest are complete.

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Feel free to sing the song while you are making this! =)

Baking Pancakes
Making Bacon Pancakes
Takes Some Bacon And I’ll Put It In A Pancake
Bacon Pancakes That’s What It’s Gonna Make
Bacon Pancake

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