St. Patty’s Lamingtons

This is a recipe for Lamingtons with a St. Patrick’s Day twist. A little more festive than your average lamingtons by adding a touch of green food coloring to the coconuts. Lamingtons in general is a pretty easy recipe, It is basically chocolate covered cake pieces with coconut shell. A very important process here is to make sure you keep your chocolate very runny and warm! It makes the coating significantly easier. In order to do this i have mine setup in a double boiler and once the chocolate has melted, I set it to very low heat just enough to maintain the chocolate in it’s liquid state. Once you have this maintained it’s pretty easy, dip the cake pieces and using 2 forks move the cake around so it’s fully covered and then lift and letting any excess chocolate drip down, and then roll it around the coconut shreds.

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