Goldilocks Bakeshop

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Goldilocks Bakeshop is a Filipino Bakery. It is fairly famous and mainly located in the Philippines but has limited branches in the USA as well as here in Vancouver, Canada. It is a mix of a bakery/store and a restaurant, there are seating/eating areas for hot food if you prefer although it is mainly self served similar to a mall food court. They server classic Filipino dishes and dessert which is great and one of the very few places to get those in the city. I usually only visit them once in a while whenever I have the craving for Filipino food. The prices are a bit high for what you get but most are willing to pay it due to the limited places you can get the type of food served here. Along with the hot food they specialize in their bakery and desserts, serving again many great Filipino dessert classics. Overall if you are familiar or if you want to try some Filipino favorites, they will more than likely offer then here. Some of my favorites, I have taken a photo of them and have listed them in the gallery below.

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