Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

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Rio Brazilian Steakhouse is a Brazilian all you can eat place in the West End of Downtown Vancouver. It’s located near the water and the entrance to Stanley Park so it has a great view. There is plenty of seating as well as patio options if desired. The basic concept of this kind of restaurant is you get a 2 sided card, when on the green side of the card you are telling the servers that you would like more meat but when flipped to the red side of the card then you are telling them that you had enough. With this said, how this place works is they have servers that go around with giant skewers full of different kinds of meat that they slice in front of you if you would like a serving however they also have a fairly nice selection in their so called “salad” bar however it also contains meat and other various food itemsĀ  which is a great addition. The food tasted great for the most part minus some steaks were over cooked but overall the food was delicious. With that said, the service as just horrid when i was there, it pretty much took an hour to get water and as the restaurant started to fill up they couldn’t keep up and we barely got the server to come to us with meat. They might have been slightly under staff but i noticed a lot of the time the servers were just talking with themselves at the bar. I was told it’s much better on other days but with what i experienced it was very disappointing however as per any restaurant i will give them another chance and come back to see how it goes. Overall the food was good but the service ruined the experience.

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