Rodney’s Oyster House

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Rodney’s Oyster House has a couple locations, this one in particular is located in Yaletown of Downtown Vancouver. It is a medium size restaurant with lots of seating and unique atmosphere and d├ęcor and known for it’s oyster and seafood. The service is good and they offer both a lunch and dinner menu. The unfortunate part here thought, it seems some of the dishes are very hit and miss not only on the quality but the prices as well. The menu is not very large as well but dishes like the steamers, chowder, pan fried oysters and pasta were decent menu items. Overall it’s an ok restaurant unfortunately i won’t be going here very often with other restaurants such as The Fish Shack that have very similar menu items. With that said thought they do have some decent menu items just not the best bang for your buck. If however you have never been there I would give it a try and check it out still as you may hit something you love.

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