Vera’s Burger Shack

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 29, 2014 | Category : Restaurants, Vancouver

Vera’s Burger Shack is a chain fast food burger restaurant located around Vancouver. This one is located in south granville area near west broadway and granville. It is a small restaurant with limited seating, It’s not a very busy restaurant location. The staff was friendly however the place seemed pretty dead and there were a couple types of burger and items I wanted, they didn’t have available which was very odd to me, having multiple of my selections be “unavailable” due to lack of ingredients put me off and started badly. The burger was ok and nice to at least see them cooked fresh and a larger selection of various type of burgers were cool if they are available. Overall it was ok and I may try it a second chance in the future but as of right now I would recommend going elsewhere for your burger fix.

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