Wings (Granville)

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Wings is a restaurant & pub with multiple locations, this one in particular is located in Downtown Vancouver. As the name suggests, they specialize in chicken wings offering a huge range of different flavors from sweet to extremely hot wings that you have to sign a waiver. They are a decently large restaurant and has plenty of seating with a small patio seating area in the front and have enough room for large groups. Even though they do offer your normal typical pub type food, most people that i know or even myself usually will get wings when you go to “Wings”. You order them by the pound and each pound you can choose one of the few variation of dipping sauces including a wowy sauce which is ranch and mayo mixture. Overall great place if you are craving for chicken wings and enjoy trying out different flavors, it also makes for a great place for groups as it gives a great opportunity to try different all the different flavor and share.

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